McDonald Building Update & Photos

The McDonald Building renovations are making remarkably swift progress.  The floor has been replaced, and spaces for bathrooms and offices have been framed along the center of the building.  Now the second floor is being repaired; when this is complete, work will begin on the roof.



The tin ceiling tiles, in spite of their flaking paint, are mostly in great shape.  They will be cleaned up and repainted.

Some of the ceiling tiles have been temporarily removed in order to repair the rafters.


Replacing damaged rafters.

Passage between the east and west sides of the building.

These newly-framed rooms along the center of the building are destined to become bathrooms, offices, and storage spaces.


A shed on the back of the building leads out to a courtyard.

Right now the courtyard is heaped with shingles and debris from the roof, but it will be cleaned out soon.



The main upstairs hallway with stairs down to the street.

Windows facing south over Front Street.

Windows looking out over the courtyard.

Here's where those new rafters were going in.


A huge thank-you to the team that has been doing this great work!