Fitness Stations in Mill Race Park

PRO ON TRAC is proud to announce that the four new fitness stations in Mill Race Park are now officially open!  Ensuring that people here are able to live healthy, active lives is a key part of helping Parsons thrive.

These stations make it very easy for someone who is just starting out to establish an exercise routine—it’s as simple as going for a walk in the park.  Having three activities at each station enables several people to work out at a time; friends and family can exercise together and encourage each other.  Each activity has a panel with instructions for beginner, intermediate and advanced versions of the exercise.  Simply follow the instructions on the panels and move on to the more advanced exercises over time.  Upper-body cycling and shoulder strength exercises are available for people who use wheelchairs. 

We greatly appreciate everyone who helped make this project possible.  The City of Parsons and Parsons Parks and Recreation were invaluable partners in this effort.  Funding for the stations was provided by the Growing Healthy Communities Grant Program.