Since 2001, PRO has worked to improve the public spaces in Parsons by renovating buildings, encouraging new businesses, and involving the community in downtown planning.


Our Mission

The mission of PRO ON TRAC is to achieve historic preservation and downtown revitalization by stimulating economic growth, enhancing Parsons’ core assets, and promoting Parsons as an appealing and vibrant place to live, work, and visit.

In 2009, Mayor Dorothy Judy, City Administrator Jason Myers, and countless citizens of Parsons (representing businesses, non-profit organizations, property owners, and more) brought WV ON TRAC to Parsons.  ON TRAC is West Virginia's version of the national Main Street program, giving WV's small and rural communities the tools they need to sustain economic and community development.  Over the years, ON TRAC has been helping Parsons achieve many of its goals by providing resources such as state training, grant opportunities, online databases, and more.

PRO represents the downtown revitalization efforts of Parsons, a WV ON TRAC communty.

Click here to learn more about WV ON TRAC and how the state works to help communities like ours reach our downtown revitalization goals.

We’re open for business. West Virginia is truly on the move.
— Joe Manchin, former governor and creator of WV ON TRAC